AIACE International- the Association of Former Officials of  the

                        European Communities, Brussels


Ministerialdirigent  aD  

Dr. iur. Michael W.  PLETSCH    

Rechtsanwalt, Wirtschaftsrecht,Arbeitsrecht,

Change Management,Mediation, Coaching, Konfliktmanagement,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    R                                                                                                


Publikationen: Universität HeidelbergListe:

Pletsch, Michael W.


1. EU-Recht,insbesondere:

     Energierecht, Internationales Klimaschutzrecht,

     Recht des Emissionsrechtehandels

2. Wirtschaftsrecht, Unternehmensrecht,

     Handelsrecht, Gesellschaftsrecht

3. Arbeitsrecht und Mediation 

    Coaching, Change Management, Wirtschaftsmediation,Konfliktmanagement

4. Medizinrecht, Arzthaftung


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  I.    AREAS  of  FOCUS:

-  Energy  market, renewable energies  and climate protection;

-  European Union Law – internal market; competition law; state aid control;

    public procurement;

-  EU institutional law; EU legislation; EU external relations

-  International Law on Contracts

-  Life sciences and clinical physicians´ liabilities

-  German Labour Law and Mediation



--> German and European Union law on Energy Market,       

        law on renewable energies  promotion and energy  efficiency;

        adjustment of national laws to   EU market and

        competition  regulations including energy efficiency regulations;

--> International Law and European Union Law on Climate Protection

       (Kyoto  Protocol)  by CO2  emission reduction,

       CO2 emission Certificates and  Trading;

--> Kyoto Protocol Joint Implementation Projects,

       Clean Development Projects 

       for  CO2 emission  certificates and  trading;

--> GERMAN ADMINISTRATIVE LAW and                           

       climate  protection ,  legal     protection



2.1  internal market freedoms of movement of

-->  goods

--> persons – workers; freedom of establishment of nationals

      within the European Union-;

--> services – industrial, commercial, craftsmen and activities

     of professions within the European Union-;

--> capital and payments between Member States

     within the European Union and between Union Member States

     and third   countries

2.2  EU Competition law :

-->     firms´ agreements, abuse of dominant positions, mergers

-->    state aid –EU control, energy, telecommunications, transport; regional aids

2.3 EC law on public procurement, procurement contracts,  bidding law, 

          bidding practice

2.4 European Union – institutional law; external relations

-->  reforming Treaty

-->  EU law legislation procedure

-->  Common Foreign  and Security Policy:law on common actions and positions

-->  International dimension and enlargement, bilateral agreements,

        enlargement,  Candidate countries


    international joint venture contracts; international law on

    merger and acquisition ( M & A )

4. LIFE SCIENCES - pharmaceutical R&D biotechnology,

    health/medical care: law on clinical  physicians´  liabilities:

    tracking down and monitoring of defaults in clinical practice of treatments

    inconsistent with well- established and acknowledged scientific medical


       --  ensuring compliance with government regulations and cutting costs;  

            medical care transactions;


    conflict and change management in companies;coaching,

    human resources development.


II.  Curriculum  vitae 

1. PRACTICES/Industries/Government/Legislation/Lecturing :

    European Union Law. International Law. European and International Cooperation.

    European Union Energy LAW and Projects:  international cooperation in

    scientific research and development of renewable energy resources,

    Climate Protection, Government Contracts, Consulting EU-candidate countries

    Central,  South-Eastern Europe , Hungary , Bulgaria to adjust national energy

    efficiency legislation to EU standards

    European Union integration-law on harmonizing national  market and competition 


    Legislation, German Federal Council;

    -Government: Berlin Senate´s Chancellery  Head of  Section;

       Bonn,Magdeburg; Brussels: Head of Department European Affairs and Interna-

       national Cooperation;Head of  Berlin and State of Saxony-Anhalt liaison offices  

       to the European Union, Brussels. 

       German Foreign Office: Promotion of Germany´s foreign trade relations,

       financial and technical cooperation, Humanitarian  Relief  Aid coordination and

       policy dialogue on long term development cooperation in ETHIOPIA,

      Addis Abeba; African Union and ECONOMIC COMMISSION for AFRICA -

      UNITED NATIONS, Eastern Africa experience;

      European Union Commission , foreign relations; international scientific

      research and technological development cooperation in the field of energy;

      MEDIATION:conflict and change management iu companies;

      MEDICAL PHYSICIANS´LIABILITIES ( Arzthaftung für Behandlungs-

      fehler in Kliniken ):tracking down and monitoring of defaults in clinical
     practice of treatments inconsistent with well- established and acknowledged

     scientific medical standards;

  Senior lecturer: University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal ,

     University of Magdeburg ( European Union law; business law; competition law);

     International   University of Bremen ( International relations, Security Policy,

     European Union – Common Foreign and Security Policy;EU- Enlargement;

     EU-Constitution )

2.EDUCATION:  Dr. iur., University of Bonn ( external treaty making power

    of the EU in the field of international energy R&D cooperation  ); 

    Second State Exam in Law, Düsseldorf ;

    Passing two EU Commission concours: enrollment and recruitment in the

    Service of the EU Commission in Law and Politics , Luxemburg and Brussels ;

    Assistant , University of Bonn , in International Law; 

    First State Exam in Law, University of Bonn;

    Medical studies , University of Bonn . 

    CICERO coaching training :

    human resources development, coaching, conflict and change management

    in companies; mediation. CICERO training, Bremen, 1999,  2000 



Veröffentlichungen, Forschungsberichte und Vorträge

1980 Die Beteiligung der Europäischen Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft

- EWG- an Implementing Agreements im Rahmen der

Internationalen Energieagentur. Am Beispiel der Erzeugung

von Wasserstoff aus Wasser. Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Auswärtigen

Gewalt der EWG. Jur. Dissertation, Rechts-und Staatswissenschaftliche

Fakultät der Universität Bonn, BONN, 1980.

1983 Deutschland- und Berlin- Politik in den Ost-West-Beziehungen.

Eine Reaktion auf die Gera-Forderungen des Staatsratsvorsitzenden der

 DDR. Aufsatz in der Monatszeitschrift "Beiträge zur Entwicklung einer

 freiheitlichen Ordnung", Heft 7,Juli 1983, Königswinter.S.531 - 545.

 ISSN 0459-1992. M 4511 E

1986 Europa als Technologiegemeinschaft. Eine Bestandsaufnahme zu den

EG-Programmen der wissenschaftlichen Forschung und technologischen

Entwicklung und ihres Beitrages zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit Europas.
Aufsatz in den Vierteljahresheften für Politik, Recht, Wirtschaft und Kultur.

Herausgeber: Ralf Dahrendorf.Heft 2, Mai 1986, 28. Jahrgang und Wirtschaft,

 Königswinter. S. 15 -24. ISSN 0459-1992 Z 4511 F



Lecture, held in:Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit, mixed Working

Group „Energy“ German –Bulgarian Cooperation Council (energy producing and

distributing Companies ; German Government/Government of Bulgaria);

January 22, 2004, Berlin
including  Power Point Presentation, pp. 15 and  14 Seiten, pdf.Data

published: URL: 
URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:16-opus-57738

2005 Emissionshandel und Rechtsschutz. Auch Planungssicherheit ?
Studie(Monographie), Universität Heidelberg, August 2005 /
URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:16-opus-57523,
HEIDELBERG , 2005, 70 Seiten

Völkerrechtliche und EU-rechtliche Rahmensetzung, deutsche Regelungen

des Emissionshandels sowie Rechtsschutz gegen das Treibhausgas-
Emissionshandelsgesetz – TEHG - Aspekte des Rechtsschutzes für bereits
immissionschutzrechtlich genehmigte Anlagen, die den Vorschriften des
TEHG unterworfen sind.
Eine Würdigung des Urteils des Bundesverwaltungsgerichts 7 C 26.04

vom 30. Juni 2005

Grundidee des Emissionshandels ,Marktchancen und Zukunftsperspektiven.

Haben Unternehmen nicht nur Rechtsschutz, sondern auch Planungssicherheit?

Können sie mit Emissionsrechten auf einem Weltmarkt mit stabilen Preisen der

Berechtigungen handeln?

6  2006

 "Torture, terrorism and the rule of law in international security and cooperation ".
The Al Masri / CIA case and equivocal US administration´s positions on the use of
torture:international security and the rule of law in turmoil ? New challenges to
the United Nations´, NATO´s and the European Union´s role in cooperative
multilateralism in international security and cooperation under the rule of law
without limits to human rights and universal values.
Monographie , Universität Heidelberg,Dezember 2005. 48 Seiten /
URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:16-opus-59723

7 2006 

African Union - legal basics and institutional framework conditions for
developing the future Strategic Partnership in Security and Cooperation 
between Europe and Africa ”
... Pletsch, Michael W.  Dr. iur. . Dokument 1.pdf (660 KB) ...,
Monographie,  pp. 145, Heidelberg University, May  09, 2006,


8  2006    

" Klimaschutz und Kyoto-Protokoll.   NAIROBI – Konferenz    

  2006: Ergebnisse und Perspektiven für Kyoto II nach 2012 „    

  limate Protection and the Kyoto Protocol.The NAIROBI 

   Conference:Results amd Perspectives for Kyoto Phase II after

  2012",  Heidelberger Monographie,23.November 2006,pp.46,  

   Heidelberg Dokument:  urn:nbu:de:bsz:16-opus-6973


9  2007    

" The State of the European Union -  Constitution, 

  Democracy, Transparency, Decisiveness and prospects of the 

   Common Foreign and  Security   Policy in post Afghanistan 

   and   Iraq Wars Era", :  
  Heidelberger   Monographie,21.März 2007,pp. 325, in: 


10 2007    

" European Union: The Whole and the Parts -Member States 

   Challenging the Common Foreign and Security Policy "  

    Comparative    reflections on the relationship of the whole and 

     the parts in philosophy, philosophy of economics,biology/cytology  

     and European integration. Contribution to 50 years anniversary 

     of   the  signing the Rome Treaty establishing the European  

     Economic Community. Heidelberger Monographie, 21. März 2007

     pp.41; URN: urn:nbn:de:bsz:16-opus-72862

11 2008

  " Europäisches Klimaschutzrecht - neue Perspektiven der EU Rechtsetzung 
    über den Handel mit C02 Emissionsrechten " - 

    " European Union Law on Climate Protection - new perspectives in

      European Union legislation on C02 emission rights´ trading ", Heidelberger

      Monographie, January 15,2008,in: URN :nbn:de:bsz:16-opus-79990


12 2008

" Europäische Union und USA -  Sicherheit vor Terrorismus und Grundrechte im Kon-

flikt. Visumfreies Reisen gegen Datenschutz ?  Nationale Alleingänge und Grundfra-

gen der Auswärtigen Gewalt der Europäischen Union. 

The EUROPEAN UNION and THE US - International travel,  mobility and security

for EU citizens - combating terrorism in conflict with Fundamental Rights ? 

Legal solidarity in the EU at stake ?  

A contribution to the International Treaty Making Power of the EU ."  

Monographie, Universität Heidelberg, 02.April 2008, 161 Seiten, in: 




5.RANKING: Head of Ministry Department, Ministerialdirigent a.D.


6.1 Bulgarian-German Association;

6.2 Association des Anciens Stagiaires  de la Commission Européenne ,Bruxelles


Association Internationale des Anciens des Communautés Européennes, Bruxelles

(comme ancien fonctionnaire soumi au statut des fonctionnaires de la Commission

de la Communauté Européenne, Bruxelles)

AIACE International (the Association of Former Officials of the European Communities), Brussels




10 .Social Life and Hobbies:Sports,MUSIC(Piano),Philosophy,

Literature ,travelling ,Mediterranian culture